Sunday, May 15, 2011

we sing. we dance. we love.

Ricky said he feels kinda bad for Jovie because all the other kids have cute pictures up.

I think Jovie's hilarious (and cute) when she's throwing a fit; she's my little passion princess. I mean you've got to chuckle- what else can you do?


But I'm supposed to be making things right for Jovie, and this probably is not what her daddy had in mind.

If you know Dominic Balli, you love him. Except for my Jovie- he just can not win her over.

It's weird.

But she loves, loves, LOVES his music. And when we get those jams bumping through the house- this is what we get.

My singing,  
passionate princess.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

how abundantly bendered.

You know, ten years ago (and more) I had some serious writing aspirations. I poured my heart into journals inspired by the Diary of Anne Frank as a kid, knowing that one day my brilliant 12 year old thoughts would be found and adored by another generation.

Still waiting on that.

And then I had what seems like a truckload of kids and maybe my brain's turned to mush.

In any case, this is the story of my unexpected and wonderful family.

 My glamorous,
 sometimes emotional,
 usually sweet
and absolutely precious family.