Monday, February 4, 2013

to anyone that's ever prayed for us....

I don't really know where to start here, so I'll just jump right in and get rolling. 

For our year and half in Colorado, Ricky and I have been praying together and separately for some pretty specific things: 

a church

some peeps (i.e. community)

clarity and purpose in us being in Denver specifically

a good buddy who loves legos and Jesus for Chubs

and ultimately, revival in this city. 

We've gone through seasons of being courageous and pumped; more often than that, we've gone through seasons of uncertainty, doubt and loneliness. We've lived and held onto Psalm 37:23-24:

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD,  And He delights in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; For the LORD upholds him with His hand."  

I know that we have so many precious and seriously wonderful people in our lives who have been praying for us and with us. To me, that's just amazing. We're just trying to do life and I love that we get to share just doing life with you. Thank you. Like for real, thank you. 

So we're praising the LORD, and still praying that He would shed some light on our purpose out here. Last June in the midst of a really weird situation, Jesus gave me a vision. Now don't get weird and trip out on me here- this is legit, just roll with me. I was praying through some pretty gnarly stuff that was going on and I had this radical vision of revival in Denver. I don't know how in-depth I should go on about this, but I saw all sorts of different people throughout the city with a gorgeous river rushing over their heads. When the people raised their hands and started to worship the LORD, they had life and light all over their faces. And the LORD's message was clear: revival is ready to rush through this city. As we've prayed for clarity, the three biggies that we've heard are unity, prayer and worship. 

The picture in II Chronicles 20 is one that the LORD's given us multiple times as we've prayed for Denver. You know the story, it's where King Jehosaphat is faced with an impossible enemy- the Moabites, Edomites and Ammonites. So Jehosaphat starts seeking the LORD and calls the cities of Judah together to fast and cry out to the LORD together. (If you haven't read this story lately, you've got to. It's so good!) Jehosaphat prays this super awesome prayer, and the LORD responds with this super awesome answer:

"You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the LORD, who is with you O Judah and Jerusalem! Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them for the LORD is with you." (II Chron. 20:17)

Aw, yeah! You know what's coming, right? I love this part so much. Jehosaphat bows his head and starts worshipping the LORD. And then the Levites stand up and start praising the LORD "with voices loud and high." And all of Judah is super pumped, worshipping the LORD together. The army of Judah goes out to battle their impossible enemy with the worship team right up front singing and praising God. 

If you want to know how it ends, though, you've got to read it. 


Okay, Judah wins. But really, read the story. 

All that to say, as we've prayed over this vision this is the picture that we keep getting. Even in dreams, The LORD is speaking to us.

So here's what we're doing about it:

Hosanna! save now.

We're starting a prayer and worship night, once a month- the name we've got for it is Hosanna. Our hope, prayer and goal is to get as many churches in on this without putting anyone's name on it. Denver is full of churches- we're not starting a church. But how radical and powerful would it be if we came together as Christians, with our sole purpose being to worship the LORD and to pray for our city together? We know that the LORD inhabits our praises, and that it's a beautiful and gnarly thing when we cry out to Him together. 

So.... if you want to keep praying for us, please pray for Hosanna! Call me a crazy optimist, but I think this is gonna be big. 

And if you've got graphic design-y skills and internet powers that you want to share, hit me up. :)