Tuesday, March 24, 2015

glamour shots by ker.

well, we did it. 

1. move to texas. 
2. take the family on vacation.

sigh of relief. 

There's a whole lot I didn't catch with the camera, but here's the little that I did. 
As crazy as it is to take our four kids to Disneyland and to sit in the car for over twenty hours both ways (without any dvd players because I'm that mom), it was a sweet time to learn new things about each other, hold hands, shed some tears, fall asleep on public transportation and just be with each other. 

many, many thank you's to everyone who made our little trip possible- the Nammy and Pop Pop who hung out with our mopey and confused dog, the most amazing Sponsellers and their out of this world hospitality, everyone who shared pizza, s'mores, bananagrams, in-n-out, crying babies, kind words and good, long laughs with us. much love! 

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